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Veterinary Analog X-Ray Equipment

Centura is the analog x ray expert -- we can partner with you to replace or upgrade your systems with the best the industry has to offer. And our unparalleled service makes all the difference.

The InnoVet Family
At Centura X-ray, we recognize that all practices are not the same. Some are limited in space, others are spacious. Some take 5 films a day, others take 100. Some specialize in exotics, others in large animals. Some are new openings, others are long-time practices. But not to worry, there is an InnoVet model to fit every practice need.



Ideal for the budget-minded and/or floor space restricted facility.

Since 1995, the InnoVet Classic has been the #1 selling veterinarian x-ray machine in the U.S. Over 3,000 InnoVet Classic’s currently satisfy the general radiographic needs of budget minded or space-restricted practices.

The classic features a full-size table top, a tilt-out control, and a 300 mA / 125 kVp generator all packaged in the industry’s smallest floor space requirement of 28” x 53”.

High-quality analog x-ray systems for animal caregivers.

InnoVet's Classic, Select & Versa models are some of the best

analog options on the market.

Integrated 60 Hz Generator
● kVp range: 40 - 125, 64 selections
● mA stations: 100S, 300L
● Timer range: 1/120th - 1 second, 18 selections
● mAs range: .8 - 300 mAs
● Digital mAs readout
● Digital kVp readout
● Digital diagnostic readout
● Tilt-out control panel
● Built-in tube protection
● Adjustable volume, audible exposure signal
● SCR contactor
● UL classified

Table / Tubestand
● Enclosed, integrated radiographic table
● Table top: 53 in. x 24 in.
● Welded base construction
● Grid cabinet with manual cassette tray
● Grid: 8:1 ratio, 103 LPI
● Grid cabinet / tubestand interlock
● Angulation dial and operator handgrips
● UL classified

X-Ray Tube C458
● 1.0 - 2.0 mm F.S., 140,000 heat units

Cables C600-10
● 10 ft. high voltage cables with federal terminations

Collimator G800
● Manual collimator with light field
● Field light “on” time - selectable 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds
● Long life "soft-start" bulb circuits
● Easy-to-operate with gloves on
● Exceeds federal standards for radiation leakage protection for medical systems
Exposure Switch A981
● Foot switch with 20 ft. cord






The InnoVet Specialist system recognizes the variety of needs that large busy practices or a specialty practice might have. By utilizing our vast line of human medical systems, any possible need can be satisfied including:
• Tables with large 30” x 76” floating tops.
• Tables that can support a 650 lb. animal.
• Tables that can be raised and lowered by an electric motor.
• Tubestands that have several axis of motion for that
difficult orthopedic procedure.
• Tubestands that ceiling mount to free more floor space.
• Generators that deliver 100% more penetrating power.

Whatever your need, we can configure a high-quality Specialist system to fit.

InnoVet revolutionized veterinary radiography in 1991 with the first x-ray system designed by veterinarians.

Since then, InnoVet has manufactured more than 6,000 veterinary x-ray systems, making it the #1 veterinary x-ray manufacturer in the United States.

To date, almost 80% of all DVM undergraduates in the United States are trained on an InnoVet.

Add to that, the industry’s best warranty and the lowest overall cost of ownership and it’s no wonder InnoVet is the most trusted name in veterinary radiography.



Designed for Technologists
Designed by a team of engineers with extensive input from technologists, Q-VET systems are highly refined for logical and efficient operation. This unique approach to system development simplifies radiographic examinations and assures that Quantum products meet the growing needs of radiology. Quantum’s technology is proven in hundreds of veterinary installations worldwide.

Distinguished System Features for Q-VET-ITT

•IntegratedTubestand with 40” SID, Fixed Position atCenter of Receptor
• 29.5 Longitudinal Travel, 5”TransverseTable(Electric)
•Collimator Light is activated when Float-TopControl is in use
• Exposure Foot Switch (2 Position)
• Easily Upgradeto Direct Digital (DR-Ready System)
• “Four-Way Float-Top EnclosedVeterinaryTable”
with Electronic Foot Control

Q-VET System Features

• 32 kW ULTRA High Frequency Generator
(other x-ray generators available - consult factory)
• “EZ-VET- Control” - LCD Color Display with
High Resolution Viewing
• Collimator: Certified for Safety
(Meets FDA Requirements for Human Use)
• “Light Localizer” for Field Size
• “Laser Light Feature” for Accurate Patient Positioning
• 650 lb Patient Capacity Table
• “URO-TRACK” System
• Includes 4 Patient “tie-down”Cleats





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